Business Logo Designs and Online Dating Profiles: They Have More In Common Than You Think


In Aziz Ansari’s book, “Modern Romance,” he learns that in Japan, it makes you look conceited or self-centered when you use a photo of yourself for online profiles. Aziz points out how difficult this must be for a person’s online dating profile.

How do you choose what object or image to use? Maybe a mountain to show your appreciation for nature and the outdoors. Or maybe a cast iron pan to signal that you’re down to make the perfect steak.

In the business world, just like in the dating world you need something that grabs people’s attention and makes a positive first impression.


In online dating that’s your profile picture. In the business world, it’s your company’s logo.

So what does a good logo do? Actually, it’s similar to what a good online dating profile picture does:

1. Makes People Feel Comfortable from the Beginning

People want to build trust before they make a purchase or “swipe right.”

A great logo or online photo makes that positive first impression that knocks down sales barriers. The chances for success increases if you project an image that’s professional and trustworthy.

Example: The Coding Bull has recently updated a business logo design for a local plumbing company.

With the new design, it leaves the impression of a modern company that’s aware of trends; has years of experience; probably has high-quality service too due to the meticulousness of the company. A complete stranger who sees this logo would receive more information of the company compared to the previous old logo.


2. Pulls People In and Starts a Conversation

When you want to inspire action, you need to have a starting point. Your logo should be intriguing enough that it piques people’s interest. Once you have their attention, you can tell them about who you are, what you do, and what makes you special.

Example: This a logo design for an interactive product label created by us. The tagline and the design of the spinning action of “press” has a great amount of information here that will keep an interesting conversation going.

To fully understand the logo will probably take a few seconds, but it tells viewers a lot about the company: they can expect something to turn when pressing (the revert pointed circle on the letter “e”); they will have fun if pressed; the icon itself also looks very similar to a thumbprint.

3. Separates You from the Competition


Some markets (dating included) are so crowded and competition can be so fierce that having a great logo is crucial to winning the hearts and minds of potential customers. A logo can be the differentiating factor between leading your industry and scraping the barrel.

4. Inspires Loyalty and Referrals

I guess this doesn’t really apply to the dating world… Or does it? It doesn’t. Right?
Along with your brand, your logo should make people proud to be working with you. They shouldn’t be tempted to go to your competitors. They should be slinging your business cards and referring you potential customers.

Example: This is a logo that we designed for a local wealth management company with the goal of providing a branding that elaborates their professionalism in the industry, and that they are trustworthy to help invest your money.

The logo translated all that in designs by using a growing stock graph as the main theme. The white bar on top of the “mountain” shaped stock graph symbolizes the sky meaning that there are no limitations to one’s wealth growth beyond the foundation. Wealth management involves multiple assets, which are portrayed by the lines. The company’s goal is to create wealth, hence the lines pointing up.

Following the same concept, we simplified the logo even more. See the logo below. Hillside = Side of Hill. From this logo, you can see 2 sides of hill. The logo is a lot more simplier, but it still represents all the values that Hillside Wealth Management wants to provide.

All in all, your logo is the piece that gets left behind when you have an interaction with a client.

They’re like breadcrumbs that lead people back to you. It creates your first impression, so it needs to be amazing.

Think of your logo as the best online dating profile pic you can imagine: Hiking the Grouse Grind with a small puppy on your back while still sporting a perfectly styled luxurious head of hair. Oh, and a six pack helps.

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