Best Place to Get a Logo Designed


A logo says a lot about a brand.

It represents a business and tells the world who they are.

It tells people what the business represents and what makes them unique.

But how do you go about finding the best place to get a logo designed that achieves these lofty goals?

Nowadays there are a lot of routes to getting a logo designed. We’ll go over some options to help you decide the best route for you:


1. Logo Makers: Fast, easy, and inexpensive

Free websites like DesignMantic and Tailor Brands can create logos for you instantly.

Provide a little bit of information and voila!

They’re free to use, but you’ll have to pay for the logo if you actually want to use it.

But once you pay the small price tag, you’ll be able to use the logo on all your marketing materials.

You should use a logo maker!

  • Fast, easy and inexpensive
  • You can do it yourself

Maybe you should not use a logo maker…

  • Results are generic
  • You’re limited to your design knowledge
  • It may not capture the personality and uniqueness of your brand
  • Small library of templates, fonts, and images
  • You can’t customize

Check out some work that are done by different logo makers:


2. Freelance Designers: Collaborate one-on-one

If you’re not totally comfortable with your eye for design, you can hire a freelance designer to create your logo.

You can look at their portfolio and experience before you decide to hire one who can fulfill your vision.

freelance designers

You should hire a freelance designer!

  • Share your brand personality and style, and a freelance designer can take those ideas and turn it into your logo
  • They know what they’re doing
  • Get a customized design that’s uniquely yours
  • High quality design work for $1,500 to $3,000

Maybe you should not hire a freelance designer…

  • Quality of work varies quite a bit
  • It takes time looking for a freelance designer who can execute your vision
  • Cost varies a lot depending on the experience level of the designer
  • Unlike agencies, freelancers have less accountability due to lack of reputation

Check out some work that are done by different freelancers:


3. Design Contest: Consult a Community of Designers


Why consult one designer when you can consult a community?

In a design contest, you create a brief containing your ideas, your brand identity and design requirements.

Then a group of designers submit ideas created for your business.

During the process, you interact with and provide feedback to the designers.

You should run a design contest!

  • Get lots of logo options
  • Designs are created specifically for you and your business
  • Designers come to you, not the other way around
  • Fast turnaround

Maybe you should not run a design contest…

  • Creating a brief takes time
  • Providing feedback is complicated and time-consuming because the designers are remote in different timezones
  • Designers usually alter templates instead of designing from scratch to save time and money. They are worried that if their design is not chosen, all their time will be wasted
  • Experience level can vary depending on your price point

Check out some work that are done by different participants in a logo contest:


4. Design Agencies: When You Want a Logo


Design agencies will create your logo and then some.

Their staff of professionals can help your business with branding, market research, and analysis.

Their development process takes time and access to their expertise means higher costs than the previous options.

If they have won some design awards, their pricing would also be higher.

Haha, we are actually an agency that is winning a global design competition, check out this blog.

Fortunately, our pricing is at the freelancer level because our company size is still young.

Take a look at our logo design portfolio!

You should hire a design agency!

  • You get the best of the best
  • An agency uses their research and analysis to create the perfect logo for your business
  • If you are investing big marketing dollars on branding and marketing

Maybe you should not hire a design agency…

  • Budget is an issue
  • Timeline is tight
  • You have a strong vision of how your logo would look like

Check out some work that are done by different agencies:



There’s no one cookie-cutter approach to creating a logo.

Every business has their own set of unique needs.

The good news is that there are a lot of options depending those needs.

Figure out what’s important for your business right now.


Is it to save money? Do you need to get your logo on marketing materials yesterday? Do you need a first class brand identity to compete in your market?

No matter which route you take to find best place to get a logo designed, your first step should be to figure out your brand’s identity.

Only then can you get a logo that represents your business.

After all, your logo is an extension of your values and attitudes.

It’s the face of your business. So, make sure you have one that you’re gonna love.