Why You Need a Good (oops! “GREAT”) Logo for Your Business


Why You Need a Good GREAT Logo for Your Business

Hint: It’s about more than the first impression

What would you wear if you’re going to a friend’s place to watch the game?

You probably throw on a clean t-shirt (hopefully), a hoodie, and a baseball cap. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it requires little thought and effort. But hey, it gets you out the door.

Now, how would you dress yourself if you’re meeting a potential client? Different right? You definitely put on clean button-up shirt (hopefully), a tie to match, and maybe polish your shoes. You put in more time and effort.

First Impressions

Logo makers like DesignMantic or Tailor Brands create your logo in minutes and the result will be good enough.

It’s the t-shirt and hoodie for your business. It’s quick and easy. Slap it on your website and business cards, and you’re set.

But you’re not selling your product or service to your buddies. You need more than a clean shirt and a hat.

You want an overall presentation that impresses potential clients. You need the equivalent of a freshly pressed shirt and shoes that shine. What you need is a great logo.

A great logo brings out the lustre, and it does more than make a good first impression.

Reason 1 – It’s Undeniable

A “unique” logo isn’t enough if you’re in a competitive market.

You need a logo that’s undeniably you. It’s a like signature hairstyle and overall look.

Your logo should embody your business’s values and attitudes.

Take a look at ours. Our core business value is to help businesses understand, envision and implement digital as part of their business strategy.

The entire digital world is developed from numerous programming language. Yet, every programming language has these two syntax: “}” and “>”.

How do these two characters represent our company? Well, it shows the “Coding” part of “Coding Bull”. At the same time, “}” & “>” do look like a bull as well if you turn it 90 degree clockwise.

Not sure what I mean? Have a look at the GIF below to see the evolution of our logo.


Hiring professionals who use market research and analysis will know how you can stand out in your market.

They’ll select the right colours, fonts, and symbols to guarantee you rise above your competitors.

Reason 2 – The Logo Grows with Your Business

A thoughtful and well-designed logo can represent a business for many years.

To be an effective branding tool, the logo needs to be designed for longevity. It can’t change every few years based on current design trends.

A logo that’s been through a gruelling creative development process will never go out of style. It doesn’t become dated.

Professional designers implement logo design strategies to make sure a logo grows with a business.

Think of the world’s most recognizable and long-serving logos like Apple, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Volkswagen. Their logos work on different platforms and scenarios. They feature illustrations to communicate their brand’s values.

You always recognize their logos. In fact: colour is simply part of their branding strategy rather than a key element of the logo.

Color strategy is another field of study on its own, which we are not going to cover in this article. If you are interested, read this article.

Anyways, as businesses change, their values and essence endure. Their logo has to stay true to those essential values.

A logo that can evolve with the business is recognizable in the most simpliest color theme: black and white.

You think I am joking? See how Apple logo looks like in black and white?

Apple Logo

What about Nike’s logo?


Having this type of logo designs enables a company to adopt multiple branding strategies for different products and campaigns without spending millions to rebrand and re-educate.

However, when designers cannot use colors in a logo to help with the storytelling process.

It becomes more difficult to boil down and communicate a company’s values and history through one simple illustration.

Hence, corporations usually spend hundred thousands dollars to create their logo, but they understand the return of investment is enormous.

Source: http://www.huhmagazine.co.uk/4140/the-cost-of-a-logo

Lucikly for you, our designers at The Coding Bull are skilled at coming up with these “pricy” logos at a reasonable price. Haha, maybe we shouldn’t charge so low.

Here’s another project we did for a structural engineering firm in Vancouver, Bryson Markulin Zickmantel.


Reason 3 – Make a Lasting Impression

We all know how a great logo can make a killer first impression. But it can also help make an impression that lasts.
Your logo is a part of your brand’s identity. It’s an extension of you and your business.

Watch this short video to understand how a logo determines your company’s overall branding strategy:

After you meet with a potential client, what do they take away?

Yes, they take with them your interaction, but they also take your business card. A great logo on your business card magnifies that positive feeling from your personal interaction because a logo that’s rare, recognizable, and delivers a clear message can achieve what your business aims to be: memorable.

Getting a logo might boil down to time and budget.

If you need a logo right now at this moment, then by all means, a quick and cost-effective logo maker is your best option.

But if you have the time, the means, and the desire for the benefits we’ve talked about, then talk to a freelancer or a logo design agency. Check this blog out and see which method is the best for your business!

Actually, talk to one anyway. They may be able to work with you to create a logo that does more than make a good first impression.