Got 100 Leads In Less Than 2 Weeks for This Anytime Fitness Gym Location


Let us introduce you to Anytime Fitness, a gym franchise that offers convenience and accessibility to its health-conscious clientele.

There are dozens of Anytime gyms scattered all around North America, including a few here in BC.

Last year, one Anytime franchise owner—Dmitry—got in contact with us because he had a problem that he just couldn’t crack.


Dmitry owned three Anytime gyms in the Greater Vancouver area. Two of them, he told us, we’re doing great.

But the successful outlets had a key advantage: they were centrally-located, near the heart of the city, and therefore attracted a steady stream of foot traffic.

The third, in Richmond, was a bit further out and, as a result, struggled to generate the same membership and visitor numbers as the others.


Initially, Dmitry tried doing some locally-targeted marketing of his own because Anytime franchise didn’t offer much marketing support at the local level and imposed certain marketing restrictions on its franchise partners.

So Dmitry decided to hire an ad agency to coordinate a new digital marketing campaign aimed at boosting his Richmond customer base.

But the ad outfit posted disappointing results—and Dmitry found himself right back at square one.

It was at this point when Dmitry felt he was running out of options, that he turned to us, The Coding Bull.

And to his surprise, surprise—our system worked!


In fact, the results we generated for Dmitry were stellar and they were immediate.

Once we began applying our performance-based digital marketing system, Dmitry’s Richmond gym got 100 new sign-ups for its free trial program within just two weeks.

This helped the Richmond gym sail through the Winter and start 2019 with a bang!

Indeed, our results have been so good that Dmitry wants us to work for him again when the “New Year resolution” season starts to slow down in the Spring.

To break our results down into simple, profit-boosting numbers for you:

  • When Dmitry tried his own limited, marketing techniques, he was getting leads for around $67.50 per lead.
  • When he hired the ad agency, he was getting leads for around $40 per head.
  • When he hired us, he got leads for exactly $28.50 per head.

If that’s doesn’t equal success, we don’t know what does!

Lead Examples That We Generated For Anytime Fitness

Dmitry doesn’t want us to share any information about his leads, so if you want to see an example of a gym lead, you can refer to this case study: We Brought 171 Leads to This Snap Fitness Location In Less Than 1 Month

What The Anytime Fitness Team Says

But instead of simply taking our word for it, check out what Dmitry himself had to say about The Coding Bull.


What Is The Coding Bull Performance Digital Marketing?

There is a reason our clients love us. Very simply, our service works because we tied our bottom line with our client’s.

We were founded with the aim of transforming the way professionals charge for and profit from their services.

Rather than charging for work done, we charge for the results we generate.

This enables our clients to pay for what they are promised instead of buying false hopes and dreams that the digital marketing industry is plagued with. In other words, our clients can secure a much certain and better return on their marketing investment.

For the sake of complete clarity—and that’s what we’re all about: clarity — let us explain what we do, point-by-point:

  • You let us know how many leads you need each month.
  • We use multiple marketing tactics—including but not limited to PPC campaigns, social media, email, Search Engine, and content marketing—in order to identify which tactic works best.
  • All ad spend and human hours are paid for by us, with our own capital.
  • Then we track all inbound sale inquiries (emails and phone calls) in order to filter out responses exclusively generated by us.
  • At the end of the month, we only charge you for the results we generate—not for the ads or for our services.
  • If there are no results, there’s no charge on your end.

So if you have a problem like Dmitry’s—if, in other words, you’re looking for a sustained boost from your digital marketing spend—call us now.

We are ready to go when you are!!

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