A Rocky Start for A Windows & Doors Company. A Happy Ending None The Less


Trust Build Windows and Doors is a young, ambitious window and door replacement and installation company proudly serving Southern Ontario, a highly competitive yet lucrative market.

After serving his previous company for more than ten years, Alex has decided to start his own windows company with a focus of “Driven by Excellence, powered by innovation.”

He quickly recruited a team of experienced and certified windows and door installers to provide top-rated window and door replacement services. 

Trust Build Windows and Doors also offer an industry-leading warranty package with full coverage and unmatched customer support to reinforce the confidence they have in their workmanship. 

The Problem

Despite the owner’s passionate vision, Trust Build had a problem. Alex was a good salesperson, but he wasn’t a marketer. 

He didn’t know how to get enough prospects to fill up his sales pipeline, and had heard so many bad things about working with marketing agencies from his old boss.

 Feeling stuck and uncomfortable, Alex and his team found themselves primarily relying on word of mouth and referrals to keep their business afloat. 

As mentioned in our article before, See Why You Are Hesitant To Expand Your Team – And How To Overcome The Causes, relying on word of mouth marketing will result in inconsistent sales inquiries because your happy customers are not always on a mission to help promote your business to their friends and family, right?

So Alex turned to a lead generation company. He thought lead generation companies were risk-free because he’s paying per prospect instead of any false promises, and the lead generation company promised him that the leads were exclusive to Trust Build only.

However, it did not turn out the way he expected. The leads were very price sensitive. The leads only cared about getting the lowest price instead of caring about the quality or what Trust Build had to offer.

Hearing this from Alex was not surprising at all. The leads he purchased from the 3rd party company were not generated through his own brand.

Without developing a strong brand image in peoples’ minds, his only technique to close deals is price manipulation because people only have that to make a decision.

Think of Heinz Ketchup vs. No Name Brand Ketchup, or Apple laptops vs. Dell laptops.

While the products are essentially the same, how come some products can be sold at a much higher price? It is because the consumer is already convinced that their experience is going to be greater with those products.

Hence, getting leads from a 3rd party company is pretty much the same as entering a price war. Even if you win, your margins have to suffer. 

Feeling lost and anxious, Alex came across our ad on Facebook. 

What We Did

After learning Trust Build was on the verge of letting one of their salespeople go, we quickly booked Alex in for a performance-based digital marketing model walkthrough and took his first month’s marketing budget deposit, $3000 to kick start his campaign.

By following our performance-based digital marketing campaign structure outlined in this article, How Does A Performance-Based Digital Marketing Campaign Look Like and targetting our proprietory audience groups, the inbound leads for Trust Build skyrocketed, from 2 to 4 per month to 36 a month within the first four weeks.

By week 8, the number of inbound leads increased to 73 per month. That’s an astonishing increase in a short period – and illustrates just how effective our performance-based digital marketing service is.

Of course, Alex could’ve easily bought 73 leads from the 3-rd party lead generation company, but let’s look at the closing rate. 

With the leads from the 3-rd party company, his team closed 1 out of 10 with an average job value of $3500. With the leads from performance-based digital marketing, his team closed 4 out of 10 with an average job value of $5000.

What Alex Had To Say

“It’s awesome; you’re doing a fabulous, fabulous job, super accommodating providing the leads we could not ask for more. I need more leads you provide more I need less you provide me less, you’re SUPER accommodating and SUPER flexible.

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