Website Makeover Increased 75% Traffic For Highgate Dental


The Coding Bull was contacted by the team at HighGate Dental with a problem that most practices of this kind face: portraying a look and feel of professionalism and attracting more patients.

Here’s how their website looked like when they came to us for help:

Much like other industries that provide professional service like Highgate Dental, their goals are two-fold:

  • To differentiate themselves from all the other similar service providers in a crowded market.
  • To convert more online traffic into actual paying patients.

What The Coding Bull did was to take their outdated website and re-imagine it as a platform to convey their practiced principles of professionalism, patient safety, modern techniques and a stress-free environment.

When speaking with the owner of HighGate Dental, he mentioned why he was investing in a new website:

“In this day and age, people who need my services are more likely to find my clinic in the digital world before they even consider walking through my doors, let alone letting my team work on their precious teeth. After talking to Justin (one of the strategists at The Coding Bull), I understand that my website is my first impression to my potential customers. I am worried if I don’t invest money into improving my online presence now. When there’s an unforeseen downturn in my business. I wouldn’t have enough resources to take advantage of my online traffic.”

After getting the green light from the owner, The Coding Bull immediately redesigned HighGate Dental and saw a 75% increase in traffic in just 3 months!

See how it looks:

With a modern professional look and feel to their website, HighGate Dental can finally “speak” to their potential customers and relay a message that communicates what they believe in, providing a stress-free environment, using modern techniques and equipment and maintaining a professional practice.

With the success The Coding Bull has had helping HighGate, we are spending the next month to help out as many dental practitioners as possible by uniquely redesigning their websites so that you can also enjoy the same success as HighGate dental has.

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