Our System Dramatically Transformed The Fortunes Of This Local Plumbing Company

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Last year, Hilltop Plumbing – a Vancouver-based plumbing company – got in touch with us because their online marketing strategy was costing them a ton of money but delivering nothing in return.


In fact, the company got most of its sales through word of mouth and community referrals – a system which is totally unsustainable in today’s digital age.

This was causing Hilltop a major problem: they had a good, reliable business with excellent customer care and a recognizable local brand. But they just couldn’t grow, because they didn’t have the marketing reach or the digital presence.

So we stepped-up and, in no time at all, managed to turn things around.


The results of our efforts materialized quickly and were decisive.

Three months after the implementation of our unique marketing strategy, Hilltop’s website was generating hundreds of new service call every month – and the businesses success no longer depended on word of mouth referrals.

In fact, our upgrade was so effective that the company’s organic traffic just kept on growing to the extent that Dustin, Hilltop’s owner, has to buy three new trucks in order to manage the increased demand.

hilltop new traffic

hilltop new position

Another way we improved the website was by significantly increasing the number of pages it had.

The purpose of this was to improve Hilltop’s digital visibility.

We expanded the new site to a total of 343 pages. Then we made sure each page included keywords that a prospective customer would use when looking for a plumbing service on Google.

In Hilltop’s case, the keyword combination covered all the services they provide and all of the places they provide that service in.

For example:

Surrey furnace repair plumber
White Rock air conditioner replacement
Langley water closet replacement
Delta house sewer repair

To maximize the chances of prospective customers called Hilltop after discovering their website, we rebuilt the site to make it as usable as possible, including by optimizing it for mobile devices.

As a result, Hilltop’s visibility status hit an all-time-high percentage last year and has continued to expand.

Hilltop’s experience is a great illustration of how effective the Coding Bull’s marketing system is. We took a solid but static local business and transform its fortunes by applying our marketing model and insight.

What Hilltop’s Owner Says

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Hilltop’s owner and founder, Dustin, said The Coding Bull had given his business a massive boost at a really important moment.

“The Coding Bull is a young company, run by very smart young people who know digital marketing inside out.”

“Their system works. Our service calls went through the roof after The Coding Bull had revamped our site and our online presence.”

“They were really efficient and very effective – everything they did make sense, and they explained it clearly.”

“We’re at the point now where we’re struggling to deal with all the new business. But of course, we’re delighted that our company is thriving again – thanks to Justin and his team.”

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