Helped A Property Maintenance Company Make Better Use of Their Marketing Budget


Vancouver Home Maintenance (aka VHM) has been in contact with Coding Bull since way back. Way before our company was even incorporated.

I was emailing local businesses using my UBC email address in hopes to increase the email opening and reply rate.

James replied, and we met up. At that time, performance-based digital marketing wasn’t a thing yet, and we were trying to sell James on our web design service.

The web project did not happen because VHM was still a small operation. It didn’t make financial sense to invest in a website without enough operational staff to support the surge in inquiries. 

Three years passed, and James sent me an email one day. He congratulated me for the success Coding Bull had achieved since we last met, and also requested a meeting.

During these three years, James found a reliable business partner, his wife, Aoife. Together, they grew the company’s operation and reputation significantly. 

With an established operation, they were ready to take VHM to another level. Hence, they contacted us, wanting to see how performance-based digital marketing could accelerate their business growth.

The Problem

Just like any business, growth requires sweat, sleepless nights, and making the occasional mistake.

VHM was working with a marketing agency in 2017 and early 2018. Due to the five reasons that we have mentioned many many times in our blog, 5 Reasons Why You Might Be Tired Of Digital Marketing, they parted ways. 

Also like many business owners, James wanted to get his hands dirty and ran some ads himself. Under the guidance of Google’s “specialists” and Facebook “account managers,” he was showing his ads to people in Ukraine.

Well, VHM’s service areas are Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Burnaby, Ukraine is not part of it, LOL.

$6k down the drain in just thirty days, he gave up and reached out to us.

What We Did

Of course, this was an urgent case. Two weeks from the moment he reached out to us would be the beginning of the property maintenance industry’s busy season, summer.

So we quickly booked James and Aoife in for a performance-based digital marketing model walkthrough and took the first month’s marketing budget deposit, $3000 to kick start the campaign.

This campaign is done a bit differently. Since James and I have known each other for so long and he has a lot of trust in me, we implemented other marketing methods to the campaign besides just social media.

Usually, we’d like to start off using social media as the primary marketing method because the results can be generated quickly. However, social media marketing is not the cheapest way to get inquiries.

Methods like SEO, customer referral programs, community reputation management are more cost-effective, but the results are not immediate and are harder to track.

Of course, for the ad-buying strategy, we followed our performance-based digital marketing campaign structure outlined in this article, How Does A Performance-Based Digital Marketing Campaign Look Like and targeted the ads to our proprietory audience groups.

In a short period of time, the inbound leads for Vancouver Home Maintenance skyrocketed. Comparing the number of leads VHM received in July, August 2018 and July, August 2019, it’s more than a double.

Vancouver Home Maintenance

On top of that, if you have been following our case studies, you know that our campaigns will also improve our clients’ closing rate and increase each deal’s value.

Looking at the data provided by VHM, the revenue has more than doubled and the best part is, the acquisition cost % went down significantly – meaning they spend less to get more revenue which = more profit!

James is super nice so instead of placing his voice clip on this article to prove legitimacy, he is willing to take reference calls for us. However, the reference call is only available after our meeting with you.

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