See How An Optometry Generated 4,000 New Online Appointments With Us


A data-driven success story for a local Vancouver business.

Results: 4,000 new online appointments over 12-month (2016 report)

April 2017 Update

A local brick-and-mortar store in the Greater Vancouver area was struggling with growth.

Despite having great products, friendly staff, and 14 convenient locations across the Greater Vancouver region, the business was struggling to attract new customers to make appointments at their stores.

We helped the business implement a digital strategy with six simple tactics, which resulted in an extra $417,907 in sales (excluding increase in foot traffic to all locations, or increase in phone appointments) last year, November 2015 to November 2016.

The business owner had previously engaged with digital marketers like us but failed to get tangible results every time.

The Coding Bull is different because we understand what business owners are struggling with on a daily basis. Here’s what we did:

Customer Profiling

Our team of researchers surveyed different demographics to build profiles of customers based on different metrics.

This was an important step to understand the buyer psychology and to tailor the most effective message to engage them.

Marketing Research

We looked at how the owner was currently marketing itself to its target market and collected valuable data to assess the validity of each strategy.


One of the most consistent feedback from existing and prospective customers was a lack of proper digital presence.

We started with an iterative process to improve the branding of the website based on actual user feedback.

optometry website design before and after

Conversion Optimization

It’s easy to create your cookie-cutter website.

What is hard is having something stand-out and properly setup to convert website visitors into actual paying customers.

Our team of developers uses the latest tools to see how visitors interact with the content and use that information to develop a better user experience.

Here’s an example that we implemented on Image’s website and helped boosted the number of appointments right away:

call to action button on mobile

Search Engine Optimization

Every good website needs proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to stay relevant to online searches.

Pretty standard stuff, but makes a huge impact on how customers find you.

Research suggests more than 90% of people don’t go to the second page of results.

One of the key moves that we have made for this client is that we have created a web page for each location with a focused, high volume keyword.

This puts our client in the top three position even though the competition is fierce.

search results for Dunbar Optometry on Google

search results for Abbotsford Optometry on Google

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Campaign Management

Our clients’ service offering is based on need instead of want, so being seen on search engines is important.

Hence, our marketing team helped our client to develop and implement a PPC strategy resulting in a monthly CTR at around 10 to 15% (industry average is 1.8% to 3.4%).

Here is the PPC campaigns click-through-rate benchmark.


Here are some examples of our client’s PPC campaign.

coding bull adwords campaign for the guildford optometry business

overall adwords campaign performance by the coding bull for the guildford optometry business

Coquitlam Centre Location

Even though the PPC campaigns were successful in terms of lead generation, the Customer Acquisition Cost was too high.

So we had to switch to another method to get the clients’ services in front of its target customers, which leads us to…

Influencer Marketing

Spotlight a platform that matches businesses with local influencers – think of it as word-of-mouth marketing on cocaine.

We hired 10 influential family bloggers of the areas that match with the business’ demographic and geo-location.

The campaign’s objective was to establish an influence thus bringing more awareness to their new website.

Our network of influencers showcased the customer’s product to 23,470+ potential customers within a one-month period.

In December 2016 alone, this technique helped the client generated $22,320 extra sales with a small investment of $3,240.

This a 589% return on the marketing spend. You can read how we’ve done it in details here.


For the 12 months after we implemented these strategies, the business gained 4,600 bookings (almost 400 new bookings per month) more than the baseline in previous periods.

This resulted in more than $34,000 in extra sales per month for a grand total of $417,907 for the entire year!

Check out this graph to see how their organic traffic has grown 83.4% over the year.

organic traffic grew 83.4% over the year

April 2017 Update

Our client’s visibility status has hit an all-time-high percentage over the past few months!

Key Focus Location : Vancouver

how much the optometry business in dominating in the Vancouver search engine results

Looking at the percentages, our client’s optometry (Blue) now obtains a much higher market share (an average of 25% vs. all optometry that shows on Google Search) than other big name competitors such as Lens Crafters, Zenni Optical, Pearle Vision and FYI Doctors.


LensCrafters, in this case, has over 90 locations around America with over 30 years of history, yet their market share average is only 5% !

The drastic % difference is actually very hard for the competitors to make up for. With constant market and competitor evaluation and strategy implementation, our work allowed the client to have a stable search position for getting more traffic (potential leads) even if our client’s company might be younger or smaller than the others.

For keyword ranking overview, most keywords such as “eye exams” or “location optometry” are generally higher than its competitors’ ranked position on Google search.


This means no matter what keyword combination (location + service) that a potential customer type in, our client will always be the first to show up.

The screenshots below shows the visibility % & keyword ranking comparisons viewed by different top-focused locations.

The steady growth of the optometry has broken its average monthly appointment record, now we are aiming for a higher number for 2017. Stay tuned for more updates!

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