Case Study: Another Success Story from Spotlight Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing is one of the fastest rising marketing trends in 2017. It essentially gives businesses the ability to buy positive word-of-mouth referrals.

However, it is extremely difficult and frustrating for small businesses with limited marketing budgets to get into the influencer marketing game. Main reasons include:

  • Curating the right influencers is like finding a needle in the haystack.
  • With limited budget, businesses’ negotiation power is also limited, hence, overpaying a blogger.
  • Managing the logistics of an influencer marketing campaign is hard work.
  • Keeping track of the results is nearly impossible unless the business owner is a tech wiz, like us, haha.

As one of the leading digital strategy companies in Vancouver for small businesses, The Coding Bull has developed a platform that enables SMEs to execute influencer marketing campaigns with ease and high return.

The platform is called Spotlight.

It helps local businesses to recruit and manage local influencers while guaranteeing performance.

For both businesses and influencers, Spotlight makes the whole process simple and effective!

Here is an example of one of our many success stories:


We first asked our client to fill out a creative brief to set keyword filters for the campaign, which our platform would use to scan through millions of profiles on social media to curate the most relevant influencers for our client.

Here are the keywords that our client used:

#vancouver #parents #yvrmom
#motherhood #kids #family
#canadianblogger #familyactivity

Spotlight quickly curated 64 local influencers based on the keywords and sent them over for the client to review.

One week later, the client was successfully connected with 20 local Vancouver influencers on our platform with only a few clicks!

Once the campaigns began, the campaigns are auto-piloted by Spotlight.

The process was seamless because we have created multiple Spotlight Bots to do the following automatically:

  • Sending campaign related tasks reminders to the influencer
  • Sending reminders for client to approve content
  • Manage logistical tasks
  • Gather end-of-the-month debrief reports from the Influencer to the client
  • Releasing payment based on Spotlight Terms & Conditions

Spotlight made sure each step of the campaign is running smoothly with minimal communication needed.

It literally took our client 5 clicks to have this massive success.

Have you executed a marketing campaign is so effortless?


One of the local bloggers on Facebook reached more than 5,000 people with one post! Imagine the impact that the 20 influencer created just on Facebook alone!

Another blogger on Twitter reached more than 200,000 impressions!

Instagram was pretty successful too!

Sales wise, in the span of December 2016, we generated over $20,000 revenue for the customer.


This December is the best December ever since I bought this business! Let’s keep this going!

Want to learn more about Spotlight? Check out our latest update here .

Working in Fashion PR & marketing in London, China, and the UK for the past 5 years, Mo focuses on SPOTLIGHT development and coming up with marketing strategies for clients! Do you want to create an awareness for your brand? Ask Mo!


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