How Does A Performance-Based Digital Marketing Campaign Look Like?


As a performance-based digital marketing agency, we invest our capital and human labour strategically in your Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ad campaigns to acquire quality traffic to your website so that visitors can be converted into exclusive, high-quality inbound inquiries.

In return, you pay us for the results and nothing else.

This new agency model is designed to align an agency’s interest with the client’s.

Very often, due to the client’s lack of knowledge, agencies can use fancy jargons to make up excuses to deflect the lack of results, or results not being on par with what they have promised before you signing a contract with them.

Performance-based digital marketing gives the client the ability to quantify and pay for an agency’s marketing expertise and effort in a way that anyone can understand – number of inquiries produced and how easy it is for them to turn an inquiry into a contract.

With such a model, people often confuse us with lead generation companies.

This is a misconception because a lead generation company does not implant an idea to the prospect that your company is credible, fair-priced, and reputable.

Without developing a strong brand image in peoples’ minds, your only technique to close deals is price manipulation because people only have that to make a decision.

Think of Heinz Ketchup vs. No Name Brand Ketchup, or Apple laptops vs Dell laptops.

While the products are essentially the same, how come some products can be sold at a much higher price? This is because the consumer is already convinced that their experience is going to be greater with those products.

Hence, getting leads from a 3rd party company is pretty much the same as entering a price war.

Even if you win, your margins have to suffer.

Now that we have created a clear positioning for performance based marketing in your mind, let’s look at the process of us finding you people who are in need of your service and have the budget to hire you.

Step 1 – Building Awareness

Not everyone in the marketplace is in need of your service. Does that mean you shouldn’t care about them?

No, because one day they will be in need of you, and once they do, they will make a decision within couple weeks time.

Do you think that’s enough time for you to build your brand image when all your competitors are pursuing the same prospect?

No – you will just be lost in the noise.

Hence, the first step in marketing is to build your presence, along with an image.

Think of it as meeting your best friend’s friends. Do you start pitching them your services when you first meet them? No, you don’t.

However, you will tell them what you do, and what your company is about in one or two sentences, then you focus on making a good impression – nice person, fun to hang out with, would love to invite you to the next outing.

The concept is the same for this step. We give people a short intro about what your company is about and focus on building an image in their mind.

Here are some ad examples for your reference:

Step 2 – Building Interest & Prospecting

After implanting the brand in peoples’ mind, we can start prospecting.

We begin talking about your service more.

Updating people about what’s going on in the your industry.

Whoever is interested to learn more are probably in the process of considering a service provider like yourself.

Here are some ad examples for your reference:

Step 3 – Selling

As we have identified individuals that are in the process of getting a service that you offer, we can start selling.

We have to show them all the awards that you have received, how many years you have been in business, how many clients you have served, your satisfaction guarantee, your well-trained team, etc..

Of course, you can’t cramp all this info in one ad or in one page. Nobody has the patience to read all this data. You have to make it easy for them, so you break down your sales pitch into multiple ad creatives.

After selling your company, we will sell the promotion that your company is running, so that you can make people who are already excited about your company to be even more excited!

Here are some ad examples for your reference:

Step 4 – Nurturing

With step 3 completed, we will have multiple inquiries sent to your way. However, that’s not the end of the marketing campaign.

People have a habit of meeting a couple service providers even though they already have a preference working with you due to the efforts outlined in step 1 and step 2.

So, during your sales cycle period, we have to bombard their social media feed with testimonials from your past clients and your past work.

The goal is to continuously instill confidence in your brand so that you can win the job during their consideration process.

Here are some ad examples for your reference:


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