How TCB Was Able To Increase The Revenue Of This Gym By 25% In Less Than 1 Month.

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Snap Fitness is a state of the art health club and fitness center decked-out with all the latest equipment and amenities you could possibly need if you’re looking to get into shape.

It has franchises not just in the USA and Canada, but all over the world. It’s that popular.

But its popularity doesn’t protect it from certain business challenges.


Recently, the owner of one Snap Fitness gym in Surrey—Tina—got in contact with us because she faced a problem she just couldn’t work out how to solve.

Tina’s Surrey fitness center is first-rate.

It provides 24/7 access to its clients, alongside advanced weight-loss and fitness programs for those aiming to burn off calories and reach their physical peak.

However, because it is based in Surrey, Tina’s outlet has struggled to compete with other, more centrally-located Vancouver gyms – gyms that enjoy a steady stream of foot traffic from people based in and around the city’s downtown core.


At first, Tina tried some marketing efforts of her own. But nothing happened.

Then she hired an agency to oversee a fresh marketing campaign. But, again, nothing happened. There was no meaningful uptick in her Surrey foot traffic and no sustained increase in her clientele.

The failure of these two strategies left Tina frustrated. The fitness industry is booming right now, she thought. Everyone wants to live a healthier life. Everyone wants to look and feel better about themselves. So why is my outlet in Surrey not performing as well as other outlets in the Greater Vancouver area?

Then Tina discovered us, The Coding Bull, and suddenly everything changed.


After Tina contacted us, we quickly got to work implementing our performance-based marketing system.

Do you want to guess how good the results were? That’s right – they were great, phenomenal, off the charts!

Before we started our performance marketing, Snap Fitness had around 412 members with both clubs combined.

In just a matter of weeks, Tina’s gym got 171 new sign-ups, which represents a 41.5% percent increase in her previous numbers.

From what Tina told us, she was able to convert 45% of the sign-ups into actual paying members. In other words, these two snap fitness locations have seen a 25% growth in monthly gym membership revenue!

Broken down into its simplest components, this is what we achieved for Tina.

  • When Tina launched her own marketing efforts, she got leads for around $60 per lead.
  • When she hired an ad agency, she got leads for around $42.5 per lead.
  • When she hired us, he got leads for around $25 per lead.

In clear, concrete numbers, that’s how effective we are for our clients.

What Tina Says

But you already that we are proud of the service we provide.

Why not listen to what Tina herself had to say about us.

“The great thing about The Coding Bull is how upfront and clear they are with you.”

Snap Fitness – Testimonial

“If they think they can help you, they will tell you exactly how they are going to help and what kind of marketing results you should expect.”

“Within a really short amount of time, they turned things around for me, and I started seeing lots of new customers and leads.”

“If you need a fresh, effective new digital marketing service, The Coding Bull is absolutely the firm for you.”

The Coding Bull – Performance Marketing

Our clients love us because our service works.

Our aim is to change the way professionals charge for and profit from their services.

Rather than charging for work done, we charge for the results we generate.

This allows our clients to make better decisions, to understand more clearly what they are purchasing, and to secure a better return on their marketing investment.

But in the interests of clarity, let us explain what we do, point-by-point:

  • You let us know how many leads you need each month.
  • We use multiple marketing tactics—including but not limited to PPC campaigns, social media, email, Search Engine, and content marketing—in order to identify which tactic works best.
  • All ad spend and human hours are paid for by us, with our own capital.
  • Then we track all inbound emails and call inquiries in order to filter-out responses exclusively generated by us.
  • At the end of the month, we only get paid for the results we generate—not for the ads or for our services.
  • No results? No charge.

So, if like Tina, you’re looking for fast results without all the hassle, inefficiency, and false promises of an ad company, then we’re the team to call.

We will get the job done, and we will do it well.


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