Our Marketing Strategy Massively Increased This Mortgage Company’s Leads

Rala Investments – Case Studies

Rala Investments is a North Vancouver mortgage brokerage firm that specializes in securing bad credit mortgages for people who need financing to buy a house but can’t find a lender.

Run by Allan Saddler and Vik Mann, the company goes to great lengths to ensure that its customers get access to a loan that suits their needs.

Unlike many high street banks, Allan and Vik care about getting the best deal possible for their clients, regardless of the circumstances.

That’s why it was so frustrating to see Rala struggle to get the best out of their marketing strategy.

The Problem

Rala came to The Coding Bull from Yellow Pages. They had been paying Yellow pages huge sums of money – $3,000 per month, to be exact – but receiving pretty much nothing in return.

Yellow Pages spent $2,400 on digital ads for Rala in return for a paltry total of 7 – yes, just 7 – new leads every 4 weeks.

Worse still, the leads Yellow pages were getting of Rala were weak. The average lead call time lasted a minuscule 33 secs.

Compare that to the overall average lead call time of 4 mins 30 secs.

The other major problem was their old website design. Their old website simply wasn’t converting enough.

Rala Investments Old Website Design

rala old

Like Allan and Rik, we didn’t think that sounded like a very good deal. So we said we could do things better – and guess what, we did.


First, we redesigned their whole website.

Rala Investments New Website Design

rala new

In a short amount of time, we worked our magic, applying The Coding Bull’s laser-sharp digital marketing techniques. And the results were superb.

Their Website traffic increased by more than 1000% within a month after we started digital marketing.

rala chart

By the end of the first month with us, Rala had almost doubled its lead rate, from 7 to 12.

By the end of the second, things had really taken off: at this point, Allan and Vik were receiving 52 leads per month – a seven-fold increase on what Yellow Pages could manage.

rala leads

Our cost is $90 per lead. Yellow Pages were charging closer to $430 per lead.

Our results, in other words, blew theirs out of the water. We got more leads, in less time, for less money, delivering on our promise to Allan and Vik to perform efficiently and effectively within an agreed timescale.

How We Work

That’s how The Coding Bull works. We’ve developed a super-smart digital marketing system that enables us to guarantee your company’s growth.

In fact, in the 25 months that we’ve been in business, we’ve generated well over 6,500 leads for our clients and facilitated more than 2,200 e-commerce transactions.

Our effectiveness enables you to plan for your company’s future.

With the steady growth we deliver, you’ll be free to hire and retain more talented people, trim any fat or wastage from your business, and identify new areas of expansion.

And, as an added bonus – because we handle all areas of your marketing strategy – you’ll always be able to hold someone accountable for your marketing results.

In Rala’s case, we’ve built a great working relationship with Allan and Vik precisely because we made good on our promises – and their company saw the benefit of The Coding Bull’s work at lightning speed.

What The Rala Team Says

But if you don’t believe us, take it from Allan and Vik themselves!

“Right from the start, we were hugely impressed by the Coding Bull’s intelligence and tenacity,” Allan said.

“They promised results and delivered them, just like they said they would. And now our company is thriving in a highly competitive digital marketplace.

“Best of all, we’re not wasting thousands of dollars on a digital strategy that doesn’t work and we’re not locked into a contract that punishes us for trying to break the digital market.

“The Coding Bull will take really good care of your company’s online marketing and you’ll see the benefits really quickly.”


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