Stop Paying for Third-Party Leads as A Service Professional


In the service-based business world, leads are the fuel to business growth, but not all leads are the same.

Of course, your business needs a steady stream of new people who raise their hands, showing interest in what you have to offer and wanting to pay for your service.

Why? Because you need buyers, lots and lots of buyers to make the business you put so much time, sweat and money into, successful. 

But how do you get these potential buyers who are so crucial to your business? Well, you can join networking events, send an email blast, ask for client referrals, run Facebook ads, join business communities on social media, write blog posts, and so on. There are so many ways to do lead gen, but none is quite so precarious as paying for leads through a third-party lead generation service.

What!?!? You can buy leads and skip all the leg work and hard work? Of course you can, but if you finish reading this article, you will soon see why you shouldn’t.

Naturally, as a business owner, you want a lead system that gives you qualified buyers. 

A system that gives you leads that show interest in your service or product and are teetering on the edge of making a purchase.

Realistically, you know leads like that don’t just fall from the sky and into your lap. Those who are selling lists of leads are not doing you a favor!

Here are the three most significant problems you will encounter when buying leads from a third party:

They don’t even know who you are

What’s worst than calling a person out of nowhere? Calling a person out of nowhere but knowing all the information about that person. You’re likely to come across creepy or even worse.

Third-party lead generation companies don’t use your brand to run their marketing campaigns. They use multiple online identities to sell services and acquire leads.

These leads think company ABC will be in touch with them, but out of nowhere, you are phoning them knowing all their needs and project requirements.

Instead of being impressed by how you got their info, the person will likely be more upset by how you know their info – considering the privacy issues surrounding many tech companies nowadays.

You may realize that you were better off grabbing a phone book and picking out random names.

They Aren’t Educated on What You Have To Offer

I think this problem overshadows the other two because if people don’t know what makes your company unique and how you are worth their dollars, you might as well save the trip and skip the sales meeting.

Why? Without developing a strong brand image in peoples’ minds, your only technique to close deals is price manipulation because people only have that to make a decision.

Think of Heinz Ketchup vs. No Name Brand Ketchup, or Apple laptops vs. Dell laptops.

While the products are mostly the same, how come some products can be sold at a much higher price? This is because the consumer is already convinced that their experience is going to be greater with those products.

Hence, getting leads from a third-party company is pretty much the same as entering a price war. Even if you win, your margins have to suffer.

You have no idea if they’ve been used multiple times before they reach your hands

I wouldn’t be too concerned about this problem. Even if you’re the only company who has the lead, the prospect would probably have already called a couple local companies to compare quotes.

The only way to close deals with better margins is if you keep conveying the message clearly to the prospect of why they should hire you and assuring them that their experience with you is going to be great!

Qualified Leads Take Time to Generate

Every business owner knows that generating prospects can be challenging and time-consuming. Hiring someone else to do the job is also extremely risky because marketing is such a complex subject. 

Without the industry knowledge, experience and time, it’s tough for you to judge whether your marketing campaign is well taken care of. That’s why we have created performance-based digital marketing. Some people have the misconception that we are just a third-party lead generation company. That is a false statement. You should read this article: How Does A Performance-Based Digital Marketing Campaign Look Like to understand the difference.


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