Facebook’s Hidden Feature for Business Owner


In case you haven’t noticed, some Facebook pages now have a services tab.

Anybody who has ever owned or operated a Facebook page, may have come across this tab.

services bar

This tab is not new – in fact it’s been out since last July but Facebook hasn’t push it, just like their own listings site.

The services tab is only available if you set your business page category as “Professional Services”.

Upon visiting Facebook services section, you’re allowed to add services pertaining to your business.

The Coding Bull demonstrates below by adding in a few of its main services.

Professional services list

You might be wondering, what’s the importance of this page and how will it help your business?

Good question – I asked myself the same thing and scoured the web for answers.

Apparently the type of services you add play a role in your visibility on their own listings directory, accesible by typing facebook.com/services.

But we’ve never heard or seen any of our friends or family members use Facebook’s local directory – is this worth the effort?

We tried it out.

Facebook has preset search results, so when I typed “web”, only two results show up and are usable.

Facebook services

These two keywords, assuming they’re applicable for your business, should be the exact keywords used under the services tab and in your page subcategory.

In this case, I used “Web Design” and “Web Development” as they match cases.

Subcategory web design

Now after showing up on the listings, we asked ourselves how ranking was determined.

A Google rep said that it was based on an algorithm that assigns the rank of the link as it appears on their directory.

Other factors include:

  1. Location of business
  2. Average star ratings
  3. Number of reviews received
  4. The recency of the latest review
  5. Past interactions with customer and local business pages
  6. Past interactions customers and people rate and review your business

So is it worth your time to add in services? We think so.

Facebook’s local business page is obviously trying to compete with Yelp and Yellow Pages, and may overshadow them in the future – better to start now and have “first-movers” advantage.

In the meantime, it’s a good idea to polish up on your star ratings, reviews and interactions with your customers.