Live and Learn: Digital Marketing Videos for Beginners


Time mends a broken heart. But what about broken trust?

It happens more than you think. A slick-talking marketing company promises the moon. A few months and thousands of dollars later, all you have to show for it are broken promises.

We’re not like those guys.

You’ve learned from that experience. And you can’t ignore digital marketing altogether. But you can understand it better.

That’s the goal of our digital marketing videos for beginners: To help you better understand the key terms and ideas that make up digital marketing.

So how can you access these tasty nuggets of information? You can start right here!

Branding: It’s Not Just for Cows


To create amazing marketing materials for a winning marketing strategy, you need to find the best way to show the world who you are, why you do what you do, and what makes you special. And that means creating a killer brand.

How is a brand created?- A logo, fonts, and colours are elements of a brand. But just how is a brand created? Take 3 minutes to find out.

Attract Clients and Design High Converting Websites

Your website forms the foundational element for any digital marketing strategy. You need a place to direct all those people you wow with your memorable, helpful content, and targeted ads.

Powerful Website

How to Design & Develop A Website That Works – A website has to look good AND deliver the goods. Learn about how our website designs turn visitors into leads.

Responsive Website Design People access your website with their desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Figure out how a responsive website delivers a positive experience to its visitors.

eCommerce Website Design – A few clicks and it’s sold! Learn how a successful e-commerce website is built.

Cut the Ribbon, and Open the Doors

With your brand formed and your website ready to receive visitors, it’s time to open the doors and drive traffic to your website.

Different strategies can drive traffic to your website: SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media, remarketing.

No need to scramble and google all of these terms. We have you covered right here.

What are SEO & PPC, and How Do They Help Your Business?

Digital Marketing

What is SEO? – The process and benefits of Search Engine Optimization explained in an eye-opening 107 seconds.

What is PPC? – See how you can use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to sell your products and services.

Content Marketing: If You Create (and Promote) It, They Will Come

The Importance of Content Marketing – Create fun and helpful content, and your customers will come to you. Learn about a strategy that’s more effective than traditional marketing.

Social Media: Engage and Interact

How to Use Social Media the Right Way – Snapchat may not be for you, but we’re sure there’s a social media network where you can engage potential customers.

Coming to a Website Near You: Remarketing

What Is This New Marketing Trend Called “Remarketing?” – Learn about the potential of remarketing and how these friendly reminders lead to more sales.

Well, that’s all for now. We’ll leave you to it. Enjoy these digital marketing videos for beginners. Like them on YouTube and share them with friends and colleagues!

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