Giving it to You Straight: 4 Reasons Why Your Website Doesn’t Get You Calls


You invested quite a chunk of change on your website.

It’s beautiful, responsive and mobile friendly.

So why doesn’t your website get you more leads?

Generating leads for your business is like losing weight.

You can have a solid exercise routine but still fail to lose weight.

Exercise is fantastic, but if you don’t support it by eating and sleeping well, you won’t win your battle with the scale.

Yes, weight and fitness aren’t always connected , but that’s a topic for our future fitness company, The Training Bull.

It’s the same with your website.

You can have a well-designed website, but you can’t expect to sit back and watch as the calls roll in.

Several factors can trip you up and prevent your website from generating leads.

Generate Leads

Here are some of those reasons why you’re not getting more calls through your website.

Reason 1: You You You – It’s ALL About You

Great websites that convert make a genuine connection with their target audience.


They know their customer’s pain points.

They know what appeals to them.

They know what makes them tick.

Yes, you’re great.

And your product is great.

But you still have to show how your product or service benefits your visitor.

Consumers know what’s in it for you.

You have to show what’s in it for them.

Reason 2: You Only Get What You Give

If you give nothing.

You’ll get nothing.

Offer your visitors something for free.

People LOVE free stuff.

It’s a great way to generate leads.

I’m not talking about free hats or t-shirts.

Give your visitor helpful and in-depth information.

The content helps break down sales barriers so visitors are more likely to surrender their contact information.

You’re Not Driving Traffic to Your Website – 01

Unique, high quality, and relevant blog articles also establish your business as an authority.

Your website becomes the place to find useful information in your industry.

This means more traffic and more opportunities to generate leads.

Reason 3: You’re Not Driving Traffic to Your Website

You can’t generate leads if no one’s going to your website.

Shocker right?

Creating fresh content on your website’s blog showcases your expertise AND it drives traffic to your website.

(Hello SEO!)

SEO – 02

Pair regular content from your blog with an active social media strategy and you have a great foundation for getting more eyeballs to your site.

Reason 4: Your Website Doesn’t Close the Deal

Driving traffic to your website by creating great content for your visitors still might not be enough to generate leads.

Website visitors need direction and they have little patience.

If you don’t put something interesting in front of their face, they’ll leave and go somewhere else.

Call to Action – 02

Your website has to grab the visitor’s attention, keep them interested, and direct them to an action.

Your website’s copy needs a call-to-action; a phrase or word that tells someone what to do.

Directions like, “Call Now,” ‘Subscribe,” or “Get Your Free E-Book” tells the visitor what they need to do.


To help you generate more leads, your website should use Landing Pages.

A landing page is where your potential client arrives (ok, lands) on your website either from an ad or after being directed from another page.

The landing page’s main purpose is to incite an action like contacting you or downloading an e-book.

It’s a pitch for your product or service.

You tell them the benefits of your product or service and you include an ask in the form of a clear and direct call-to-action.

Conclusion: You Have Some Work To Do

So what now?


Baby steps.

Start by auditing your website.

Inspect your website copy and put yourself through your customer’s journey.

Think about your ideal customer and write for them. Solve their problems.

Provide helpful solutions through blog articles and other informative content.

Share that content on social media and drive traffic to your website.

Create Landing Pages that have enticing offers capped off by an irresistible call-to-action.

If you feel like this is too much, do what you do best and run your business.

Hand digital marketing off to experienced hands.

We don’t want to brag, but we’re pretty good at this. We’ve helped small businesses generate leads through creative digital marketing.

Give us a call! We’d love to chat about how we can help you generate more leads with your website.

How was that call-to-action? Did it work? Do we need to throw in a free t-shirt?

Free TShirt – 01