Experience, Logo Design, and How to Get Your Money’s Worth


Is experience important for a logo designer – 01

Is Experience Important For a Logo Designer?

Let’s put it another way: Is experience important to cook a steak well?

Say you splurge for a piece of beautifully marbled Wagyu rib eye steak, and you want to ask a friend to cook it.

You can either give it to your vegan friend who’s cooked maybe two steaks in their life.

Or you can give it to your friend who also happens to be a cook in an upscale steakhouse.

Which friend would you choose?

You would choose the cook from the steakhouse who knows how to handle a steak.

He or she will put a perfect sear on your steak, then baste it with herb-infused butter until it’s cooked to your exact liking.

Now let’s go back to our original question: Is experience important for a logo designer?

We’re obviously learning “Yes.”

But we’re not gonna tell you it’s that simple.

To be honest it’s more complex.

It’s not so complex that we can’t get into why experience is important or how you can get your money’s worth when hiring an experienced logo designer.

The Double-Edged Sword of Experience


An experienced eye will see something that an amateur will miss.

A novice hasn’t had time to develop the instincts to tell him something is off.

A pro knows how to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

A beginner is still learning the ropes.

But experience can narrow your focus.

It might cause you write things off too quickly.

Or you can become so set in your ways that your creativity suffers.

Experience has costs and benefits just like a lot of other things.

But in the case of logo design and experience: the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Logo Designers with Benefits

Experienced logo designer

Experienced logo designers know what they’re doing.

They don’t throw darts randomly to see where they land.

Experienced logo designers know what makes a great logo. And they have the skills and abilities to create them.

They follow guidelines and a process that can save you time and money.

In a perfect world experienced logo designers have a process.

They have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to create timeless eye-catching designs.

But how do you know if you’re getting a great logo?

How do you know that you’re getting your money’s worth?

That part is up to you.

But we can help you find out.

5 Ways to Make Sure You Get Your Money’s Worth

You can get a wide range of quotes from different logo design services.

Heck, you can go online, use a logo generator, and a logo will pop out in 5 minutes.

But if you want a truly great logo that captures people’s attention, and has a timeless quality, hire experienced professionals.

Before you do, here are some ways to make sure you’re not getting screwed out of your hard-earned dollar:

Research the Company

Research the Company – 01

Google the company and learn as much as you can about them.

Read the content on their website, and look through their social media channels.

Try to get a sense of their design taste and personality.

And of course look at samples of their work.

Study their Portfolio

If you like what you learn about the company, look through their portfolio.

You may not know much about design, but you know what you like.

Looking through a portfolio of past work will give you a sense of whether or not the logo design service can deliver a logo you’ll love.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

Read Reviews and Testimonials – 01

See what their past clients have to say about them.

You may only find positive testimonials on their website or Facebook page, so you might have to dig a little deeper.

Ask for References

If you like what you see on their portfolio and what you read about them, you can take another step and ask for references.

Speak directly to their past clients and ask your own questions to get candid answers.

Have a Conversation

Arrange a meeting and speak to the logo design service directly.

You don’t have a cookie-cutter business so you shouldn’t have a cookie-cutter logo.

You have unique needs and the designer should know about them before creating your logo.

You can also ask for a quote to learn about the service and to see how much it will cost.

Some logo design services (Like us!) will offer a free consultation.

Great logo design is a complex process that requires different stages.

It benefits from an experienced eye and capable hands.

Don’t be fooled by its simple facade.

Logo design is part art and part science.

It’s a craft that’s worthy of your investment.