Google Tools for Business Growth


Google has built a few digital marketing tool that helps your business grow over the years.

Apart from Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and the discontinued Google Schemer among all, the following 5 Google tools would assist your digital strategy to become even more effective!


Ngram Viewer:

Looking to identify trends over an entire millennium?

Google’s Ngram gives you the power to search keywords found in millions of books throughout a whole millennium.

Why is this helpful you might ask?

Consider how fashion is trending back now through the different decades.

This is just one example of how history often will repeat itself.

We as humans tend to revert to different ways of thinking or doing things periodically.

Another example of this is the real estate market, and how it is often cyclical.

Being able to track trends back over an entire millennium can be a helpful tool for anyone looking to create projections.

Ngram Viewer has other advanced options that also allow the user to search for particular combinations of keywords too.


Google Correlate:

This one is particularly useful as we have moved into the age of search engine optimization and tracking rankings and how a website measures up to improve the overall business.

Google Correlate tracks and even provides analytical tools that allow the user to measure search trends over periods of time.

You can see how particular keywords are more common during certain current events, or track them periodically such as certain times of the year or even during certain seasons.

Another extremely helpful tool that Google Correlate offers to users is the ability to make their own charts and graphs by providing drawing tools that can be customized according to the specific information that is being tracked and analyzed.


Google Public Data Explorer:

This is an incredible tool that allows you from one platform to search public databases from all over the world.

You can imagine how helpful of a tool this would be to any business if put to the right use.

Data from places like the World Bank, the US Census Bureau, and much more that provide infinite amounts of data on any subject you can imagine, all at your fingertips from one easy search engine.

After finding the data that is most useful to you, there are additional filters that allow you to sort and analyze according to the needs of your business.

The use of graphs and multiple different charts make the data easy to read and display if being communicated out.


Get Your Business Online:

It is common knowledge that a successful and growing business needs to have a website.

Google’s Get Your Business Online is a resource guide and toolkit that helps small businesses set up their companies online with a website.

The multiple different tools walk the user step by step through the process of building and creating a website that is optimized and aesthetically pleasing to grow the presence of small businesses on the internet.

Small business owners will even receive one full free year of web hosting as a result of setting up their business online using the tool.

Additionally, there are helpful listings for upcoming events that would be about the line of business as well as lessons in future web expansion and how to maintain the website for optimal use.


Google Think Insights:

This tool is especially useful for entrepreneurs and professionals as it is home to case studies, current information, business growth strategies, as well as displays and showcases of projects that are leading in their industry.

With an abundance of resources housed in one place, Google Think Insights has the power to keep business owners and professionals at the forefront of their industries.

It also holds tools that help marketing teams to streamline their strategies in a way that maximizes website analytics and marketing campaigns.