This Is How We Took A Local Optometry Business To New Heights


Image Optometry was a local brick-and-mortar business in the Greater Vancouver area that was hoping to grow.

Despite having great products, friendly staff, and 14 convenient locations across Greater Vancouver, the business was struggling to attract new customers, even though they are sponsoring the Canucks.


This is a really common problem for small to medium-sized businesses that are already well established and have a solid client base but are keen to expand more quickly.

Often, these businesses will bring in the same loyal clients on a regular basis – yet they’ll find it quite difficult to get their message out either to new demographics or to groups that should eager customers but just haven’t heard about the business.

That’s where The Coding Bull comes in. Our performance-based marketing model has a proven track record of success across a wide range of companies.

So when we went to work for Image Optometry, we were confident that our ideas would yield fast results.


In the 9 quarters after we started marketing for Image Optometry, they gained around 40,000 bookings (from online appointments, phone appointments, as well as walk-in appointments) – almost 1490 new bookings per month – on top of their baseline number in previous months.

Here’s a chart for you to see how their online appointments grow. The chart doesn’t include phone appointments or walk-in appointments.

Image Optometry – Appointments

This resulted in more than $290,000 in extra sales per month, generating a grand total of $8,000,000 for the time-span.

Check out this graph to see how their online traffic has grown over since we started working with them with our performance marketing model.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 11.46.17 PM

Besides, Image came to obtain a much higher market share than many other big name competitors, from Lens Crafters and Zenni Optical to Pearle Vision and FYI Doctors.

Indeed, LensCrafters has over 90 locations around America with over 30 years of history. In the markets that Image targets, LensCrafters market share average is only 5 percent.

The drastic percentage difference is actually very hard for the competitors to make up.

With constant market and competitor evaluation and strategy implementation, our work allowed Image to develop a stable search position – and drastically improve its traffic and potential leads – even though it is younger and smaller than other optometry businesses.

Here’s a graphic showing how business expanded after we implemented our system, the blue line is Image Optometry:

image 2

What the Image team says

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it.

Just listen to what Image Optometry owner … had to say – he was delighted with our results.

“Before I hired The Coding Bull, I was spending money on a digital marketing campaign that just wasn’t working – and I didn’t know why.

“But Justin and the team came in and quickly identified the problem.

“Before long I saw incredible results – a huge increase in my online leads and a big upturn in my customers.

“What I like about the Coding Bull is their non-nonsense attitude: their success depends on their clients’ success. Their interests were completely aligned with ours, and that meant results.”

What We Did

If you want to see what we did for Image in the first 4 quarters, click here to learn more.

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