What is TCB Performance-Based Marketing and Why Should You Use It?


The world of digital marketing is full of flashy offers and eye-catching sales rhetoric.

Every digital marketing company will tell you that they, and not their competitors, really understand how to boost your company’s online presence and that only they have the tools, the expertise, and the insight to do it.

The Rise of Performance-based Marketing

The false promises made by traditional digital marketing companies has given rise to a new trend: performance-based marketing.

If you haven’t worked with a traditional digital marketing company before, you may not understand the potential headaches that you have to deal with, so it’s best if you read this article first: 5 Reasons Why You Might Be Tired Of Digital Marketing.

performance based marketing

Performance-based marketing is where a digital strategy company only charges based on results, while you cover the cost of your ads.

The point of this system – at first glance, at any rate – is that it makes the agency more motivated to invest your budget carefully and effectively because their interests are aligned with yours: if you don’t see results, they don’t get paid.

In reality, though, agencies started using performance-based marketing a while ago as a sales gimmick, aimed purely and simply at getting your business in the door.

Quite frankly, this sucks for you as a customer – because if you are still paying for the ad spend and the agency you have hired is bad at its job, your ads dollars are going to be wasted and your company won’t be able to grow.

This is why The Coding Bull came into existence.

Our founder, Justin has a background in financial analysis and he has engineered a new performance-based marketing model.

First, we assess your company and the market.

Second, if we are confident that we can generate results for your company, we will invest our own capital to cover the ad and human resources expenditure.

Third, only once our system has delivered results for you do we make our return.

So you can see how this makes us different: our investment is 100 percent tied to your results, which means our interests are completely aligned with yours.

By contrast, traditional performance marketing companies will take your credit card and use it to pay for your ads even if they don’t deliver results.

So, as a company, we only make money when we bring you new business opportunities, which is precisely what a digital marketing company is meant to do.

Why You Should Work With Us

The benefits of working with us are huge.

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Your company will secure new leads or purchases at a steady rate, so you can expand with confidence.

As your company grows, you will be able to hire new talent and give them enough work to make you profit.

Your marketing budget won’t be wasted on false hopes generated by your account manager.

You will have accountability, because our team handles all aspects of the marketing strategy, making us directly responsible for the results.

Why You Shouldn’t Work With Other Companies

The drawbacks of not working with us are just as significant.

why not

You won’t know how much business you’re going to get, so you won’t be able to plan for the future.

Other companies could waste your money and time testing out strategies that don’t work.

There won’t be any accountability for failure, because your strategy will be run by a number of different companies that have no incentive to work together – and yet you’ll be the only one to suffer from the lack of results.

A Proven Track Record of Success


Of course, we wouldn’t have confidence in our abilities if our work hadn’t already generated results.

If you want to see how much we can get done for you, read these case studies – they represent just a small number of the companies we’ve helped transform over the past 24 months.